Bible Questions Answered

Bible Questions Answered

This page answers commonly asked Bible questions.  These answers come from a variety of sources: radio listener questions, our LifeKey weekly devotionals, Today’s Key One Minute Devotionals, YouTube videos and more.  To ask a question about the Christian faith or the Bible, please contact us.

In addition to the list of resources below, you may search our sermons by question or by topic.

Abortion: Does God Forgive Abortion? (Video)

Ascension of Christ: What is the Ascension and why does it matter? (Video)

Authority: Who Really Has Authority on Earth, God or Satan?

Beatitudes: What are the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount?


Christmas: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter? Don’t They Have Pagan Origins?

Condemnation: What to do if your heart condemns you

Contentment: Why is Godliness with Contentment Great Gain?

Doubt: You Cannot Have Faith without Questions

What should I do if I am doubting the goodness of God?

Esau: What are the names of the many wives of Esau?

Faith vs. Feelings: Why can’t I always feel my faith? (Video)

Faith: What is Faith? Faith Possesses Christ (Sermon)

Glory of God: What does it mean to live for the glory of God?

The Greatest Commandment: Is it Possible to Keep the Greatest Commandment? (Video)

Holy Spirit: How can I know if I have the Holy Spirit?

How Can I Discern Promptings of the Holy Spirit

Incarnation: What is the Purpose of the Incarnation?


The Law:

Leadership: What did God want in an Old Testament King?

Life After Death:

Love of God: How to Experience More of the Love of God

Peace: How is it Possible to Have Peace?


Redemption: Who received the redemption payment?

Renewing Your Mind: How Important is Renewing Your Mind?

Repentance: What is Biblical Repentance? (Video)

Resurrection: What is the Meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Can Miracles Like the Resurrection Happen Today?

Rewards: What is the difference between heavenly rewards and salvation?

Scripture Memory: 10 Reasons to Memorize Scripture | 10 Practical Tips for Memorizing Scripture


Social Media: How Can I Follow Jesus on Social Media?

Suffering: Where was God? Our Suffering and Christ’s Incarnation (Video)

Struggles for Growth: What is wrong with me?

Temptation: What keeps you going?

What does it mean to enter into temptation?

Tithing: What is a Tithe and is tithing important for Christians today? (Video)

True Christianity: What is a True Christian? (Video)

Trinity: What is the doctrine of the Trinity and is it important? (Video)

Worship: What is Worship? Thoughts on Meaning, Style, and Preparing Your Heart (Video)

Wrath: How is the Wrath of God being revealed?


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