Bible Study Resources Giveaway!

Unlocking the Bible seeks to bring the Gospel to life through the Power of the Open Book.  In addition to the Unlocking the Bible Podcast and Daily Radio Program, the Unlocking the Bible Store contains many Bible Study Resources including books, DVDs, sermon sets on CD, and other items to help you dive deeper into God’s amazing love expressed through Jesus Christ.

Because of that we are running a giveaway!  It runs from 07/18 – 07/31 at 11:59pm.

What you can win:

1. $50 Gift Card to Amazon.

2. Your choice of the following three DVD Bible Studies:

  • Let That Idol Go! is a seven part series that dives into the topic of idolatry by examining the life of Jonah.  Join Pastor and author Colin Smith as he sits down with a former CEO and a stay-at-home mom for seven discussions on idolatry and how it can subtly invade our work, our family and even our ministry.  View the trailer and first session on our Let That Idol Go! page.
  • The Ten Greatest Struggles of Your Life.  Every day is full of struggles. We struggle with time, we struggle with truth and authority. We struggle for peace and for purity and contentment…and that’s just the beginning. God speaks to us about these struggles that put us to the test each and every day in the Ten Commandments.  By His power we can prevail. When you love God fully, His commandments no longer seem the impossible rules of a benevolent dictator, but the firm guidance of a loving father.  View a sample session on our Bible Study Resources for Church Small Groups page.
  • Ten Keys for Unlocking the Bible.  The Bible is the world’s best selling book, but it is long and sometimes difficult to understand.  This book will give you a place to start.  It’s rather like a high altitude flight over a range of mountains.  You’ll see what the ground looks like, and get a good glimpse of the highest peaks.  The whole Bible is one story.  It begins in a garden, ends in a city and all the way through it points us to Jesus Christ.  The “Keys” will open up the story of the Garden where God introduces Himself, and tells us who we are.  We’ll learn about the disaster in the garden and its effects on our lives today.  Then we will follow the Old Testament story, discovering how right through human history.  View a sample session on our Bible Study Resources for Church Small Groups page.
3. Colin Smith’s New Book: Jonah: Navigating a God-Centered Life.
Are you self-absorbed?  What do you hold onto as an idol?  How would you feel if God called you to serve in a land known for terror and torture?

These are questions the prophet Jonah had to ask himself as he lived out the story recorded in the book of the Bible that bears his name.  Jonah: Navigating a God Centered Life by Colin Smith tackles many of those questions as it explores following God through an unknown and scary calling.  Pastor Colin writes, “When God interrupts your life, you may find that your comfort is more important and your obedience more conditional than you thought.  That’s how it was with Jonah.  God’s call exposed a thinly-veiled selfishness beneath the surface of the prophet’s life.”

In the book, Colin Smith offers eight steps to live a God-Centered life as he prays the prayer, “Lord, make me less like Jonah and more like Jesus.”

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Date Posted: July 18th, 2012

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