Search by Date
If you know approximately when Pastor Colin preached a sermon, you can search for his sermons by year.  This corresponds to the year a sermon was originally preached, rather than the year it was broadcast on the radio.  Most sermons are available in audio format, and beginning in 2008, many sermons are also availabe in video and print.

Search by Doctrine
You can search Pastor Colin‘s sermons by theological category.  This might be helpful if you’re wondering what the Bible says, for example, about salvation, the church or the Holy Spirit.

Search by Language
A number of Pastor Colin’s sermons and books have been translated into Japanese, Korean and Polish.  By clicking here you’ll quickly see what’s available online in the language you’re looking for.

Search by Question
If you have questions about God, Jesus, the Gospel or the Christian life, this is a great place to start.  You’ll find a variety of basic questions here.  By clicking on any of the questions, you’ll be linked to a handful of Pastor Colin’s sermons that will help explain the Bible’s answer.

Search by Scripture
If you’d like to find out what Pastor Colin has preached from any of the 66 books of the Bible–Old Testament or New–just click here.  The most recent sermons will be displayed at the top of the page.

Search by Series
If you know the name of a series that Pastor Colin preached, but you’re not sure which message it was, just click here.  You’ll be able to quickly see the title, book of the Bible and other tags for each message.

Search by Topic
If you’re looking for a particular topic like conflict, failure or marriage/family–just click here.  You’ll be linked to a handful of Pastor Colin’s sermons that will give you biblical insight about the topic you’ve chosen.

Preacher: Colin Smith. You can follow Pastor Colin on Twitter @PastorColinS.

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