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Do you serve in ministry, run a business or have a family?  They are all gifts from God but can easily turn into a god if you are not careful.

Join Pastor and author Colin Smith as he sits down with a former CEO and a stay-at-home mom for seven discussions on idolatry and how it can subtly invade our work, our family and even our ministry.

Using the biblical story of Jonah as the backdrop for each session, the group explores the landscape, the hurdles, and the rewards of letting go of the idols in our lives.

The seven-session DVD (with discussion questions for each lesson) will help you or your group identify the hidden idols in your life.  Whether you watch this with a group or you pull up a chair and bring your story to the conversation, Let That Idol Go! will help you find freedom from the idols that would keep you from experiencing the wonder of God’s amazing grace.

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Session Titles:

  1. Wake Up Call
  2. Do it Yourself
  3. When You Hit Bottom
  4. The Power of the Open Book
  5. Through Gritted Teeth
  6. Road Rage
  7. Don’t Miss Grace

Who is this for? Let That Idol Go! is a DVD series designed for both small group and individual use.  The discussion is deep for the mature Christian while remaining relevant and easily understandable for the new believer.


  • Challenge yourself, your family, and your small group to examine the idols that may be in your life.
  • Allow light to be shined into your heart to expose idols, and allowing you to experience more of the grace of God.

“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.” Jonah 2:8


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