Dominion (Day 5)

Every father wants the best for his son, so God had David’s attention when He spoke about David’s offspring.

God’s people had a taste of His blessing in the time of David that surpassed anything they had known before.  With their enemies subdued and their borders secure, God’s people prospered.   But what would happen after David?

God promised to raise up David’s offspring, and establish his kingdom.  David’s son would fulfill David’s dream to build a house for God’s Name.  All of this was good news. 

Then God gave a promise so great that David had to sit down (2 Sam 7:18) to take it in.  God promised to establish the Kingdom of David’s Son forever, and then added, “I will be his father, and he will be my son.” (v13, 14)

Human history is filled with the rise and fall of human kingdoms.  How can any kingdom last forever?  And how could any son of David be the Son of God?

God’s staggering promise to David points us to the everlasting kingdom of Jesus Christ.  God’s people had tasted the blessings of His rule for a short time during the reign of David.  The full blessing of God’s rule is found in Jesus Christ. 

Take a moment to anticipate the blessings of Christ’s rule.  The kingdom of God is a matter of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17) Think about that: An entire community of people living rightly according to all of God’s law, each one loving God with all his or her heart, soul, mind and strength, every person without exception loving his or her neighbor as they love themselves.

Think about the peace of this community: No enemies, no war, no threats and no fear.  And think about its joy, as God’s people celebrate the rule of our King, and follow Him as He leads us in exploring the delights of His new creation. 

Christ the King came into the world to bring you into this full blessing of His rule, which has already begun in you by the Holy Spirit (Lk 17:21). Give thanks today for the blessing of life under Christ’s rule, and live today in the anticipation of the righteousness, peace and joy that will be yours forever.

Welcome to Unlocking the Bible’s tour of the Bible story. Join us on this journey through the breathtaking splendor of God’s redeeming purpose in Jesus Christ. For the next 21 days, we will post a daily devotional to help you reflect on Jesus’ glory by taking a broad look at all that God has promised and accomplished in Him. May God give you fresh glimpses of the glory of Jesus as you prepare for and celebrate Christmas.

Date Posted: December 10th, 2011

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