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thief on the cross

Just Hangin': The Thief on the Cross

Meet Michael Mark, a spoken word artist who is following hard and fast after Jesus Christ. Right in time for Holy Week and along the lines of Heaven, How I Got Here, Michael has written a poem based on the story of the thief on the cross from Luke’s Gospel in chapter 23. […]
how to get to heaven

Episode #7: How to Get to Heaven

What can we learn from the story of the thief about how a person gets to heaven? The book is called Heaven, How I Got Here, so what does it tell us about how a person get to heaven? Well I think that the story of the thief on the cross is the […]
Holiness Required to Enter Heaven

Bible Q&A: Is Holiness Required to Enter Heaven?

Question: Pastor Smith, I heard your message the other evening regarding justification and sanctification, and you used the example of the thief on the cross. At the end of the message you stated that “it is not by living a good Christian life” that you go to heaven. That is true, […]