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Let’s regard the Lord’s discipline, not lightly, but with humbly submissive attitudes and searching thoughts, with the desire to bear the peaceful fruit of righteousness

Do Not Regard God’s Discipline Lightly

I’ve never met a person who said that discipline was pleasant. Parents battle their kid’s temper tantrums with heavy hearts and tears, athletes break their bodies in order to build strength and train for victory, and reckless drivers receive expensive tickets so the roads are kept safe. Discipline is often […]
misplaced identity

The Remedy for our Misplaced Identity

That’s all he wanted – one look at his Santa hat. It had been a rough December night. At dinner earlier that evening, and against my better judgment, I had let our kids choose between drinking Sprite and Mr. Pibb. (Yes, I know the caffeine content, hence the bad night.) […]

Evil Predestined by God’s Hand and Plan

There is nothing new under the sun. What can be said when terror strikes yet again? I find myself deeply disturbed and yet uncomfortably familiar with the hatred and death that is ravaging our world. Another attack, another groaning. “How long, O Lord?” Our comfort is this: the cross. In […]