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A.W. Tozer

Trust God in the Dark

The following excerpt by A.W. Tozer is a beautiful declaration of the infinite wisdom and providence of God, from his book The Knowledge of the Holy.  If you are struggling with the difficult circumstances of your life; if you are struggling with fear; if you are struggling to trust that Christ […]

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What to Do When You’re Not Being Persecuted

“There is a fellowship with Christ found in suffering that is greater than you will find anywhere else.” In light of the recent persecutions in the Middle East, Pastor Colin Smith shares biblical truths of great comfort and strength. Christians are reminded of the importance of dwelling on the gospel […]


Ten Reasons to Live

Whatever you might think about him, it’s safe to say that there will never be anyone quite like Robin Williams.  He died this week and the initial reports pointed to a tragic suicide.  I have good memories watching him in shows like Mork and Mindy; and I recall the feeling […]