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when life doesn't make sense

Four Mistakes We Often Make When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Have you ever experienced a time when you could clearly see God’s hand guiding you in a certain direction, and suddenly, “BAM!” Circumstances took a sudden and sharp turn in a direction you never saw coming? Recently, God allowed what seemed to be his provision to be suddenly stripped away, leaving […]
longing for heaven

Two Things We Need to Know About Our Longing for Heaven

Why do we long for heaven? Why do you long for heaven? We talk about “one day” when we’ll see Christ, when we’ll be freed from sin and suffering, when we’ll be united with the witnesses of the faith. We sing about being there 10,000 years, we hear sermons about […]
trust God

Five Reasons We Can Trust God in the Detours of Our Lives

As I drove to work the other morning, I couldn’t help but get frustrated at the road work happening in our neighborhood. Big, orange “Detour” signs regaled the road, signaling to drivers that they would need to take an alternative route. I turned right, onto a suburban street I did […]