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Restoring the Lost Years

When it comes to the lost years of your life, God promises the impossible. “I will restore the years that the locust has eaten” (Joel 2:25), he says. But what exactly does this mean? What are lost years, and what does it look like when God restores them? Pastor Colin writes on The Gospel Coalition […]

When God Seems Far Away (Book of Esther)

How does a book get in the Bible without it ever mentioning God? Such is the book of Esther, and it is the reason why this account is so incredibly helpful for us today. God’s rescue of his people unfolds in a book in which God is never mentioned. Not once! As the great Bible […]

15 Beautiful Benefits of the Word of God

My time spent with the Lord can feel all across the map and often, unpredictable. But this is no commentary on the Word, itself – for Scripture is a firm foundation that never changes. Rather, it is a commentary on the state of my own heart and the many life circumstances that I bring to […]

What Your Soul Really Wants

We value life, don’t we?  We live for life.  We bleed, sweat, vomit, purge, and part with possessions for life.  If someone held you up at gunpoint, demanding your wallet, you’d part with it.  Why?  Because “life” is better than possessions. We would even part with our own limbs in order to preserve our lives.  We’ve […]

Hope in the Drought

Rough and harsh; dry and arid. Such is the season of the drought. And drought comes to everyone. We will all endure difficult “heat of life” circumstances. These are indeterminate of who we are or where we’re planted. We get flat tires. Our computers break. We struggle with the effects of aging. We experience infertility. We get cancer. […]

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