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Five Encouragements for Graduates from Pastor Colin

“I sat down earlier this morning and said to myself after I prayed about this, “If I could say anything that I wanted to our students at the end of this year, what would I say?…In the end I had five things.”‘ Pastor Colin addresses all students, but especially graduates, […]
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10 Keys for Effective Parenting Book Review

Colin S. Smith. 10 Keys for Effective Parenting. Unlocking the Bible, 2015. 28 pp. $2.99. Get the e-book free for one day only on Thursday, May 21!  I devoured a bunch of parenting books back in my child-rearing days, and they all left me feeling somewhat inadequate. They influenced me positively, I’m […]

Suffering Is Not What It Seems

What if suffering isn’t quite what it seems? Often, suffering is viewed as a mood-destroying interruption (in our best moments) or a faith-wrecking obstacle (in our worst). Whether we are hitting one too many red lights, causing us to be late for work, or we have just received a bad […]