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The Man Who Could No...

Repentance: The Hidden Path to a Transformed Life

If you have ever said to yourself, “I just can’t change!” then you need to meet the man in the Bible who couldn’t repent. Discover what stood between Esau and[…]

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Living coram deo is to live before the sight of God

Live Coram Deo

The term coram Deo (before the sight of God) has been used for millennia as a way to remind God’s people to live worthy of our calling. Unfortunately, instead of seeing the glory of the invisible God, our eyes tend to fall upon a thousand examples of sin and brokenness, […]

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How to Study Your Bible

Discover the life-changing approach to God’s Word. Now you can cultivate the inductive skills of observation, interpretation, and application and become an active participant in God’s Word. In 15 easy-to-understand chapters,[…]