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Repentance: The Hidden Path to a Transformed Life

Many people believe that the first step in repentance is cleaning up your life or turning from sin. It’s not. The first step in repentance is knowing God. Find out[…]

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Chasing Precious

Remember Gollum from Tolkien’s The Hobbit? Gollum once was a hobbit, named Sméagol, but has become an ex-hobbit. He’s this creepy, little monster, who is possessed by the ring — literally. Because he has made the ring the object of his adoration, he no longer possesses it, but it possesses […]

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How to Study Your Bible

Discover the life-changing approach to God’s Word. Now you can cultivate the inductive skills of observation, interpretation, and application and become an active participant in God’s Word. In 15 easy-to-understand chapters,[…]