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A King Gone Bad, Par...

A Tale of Two Kings

If you are a “religious” person, beware not to fall into this deadly snare. Find out more, today on Unlocking the Bible: the power of the Open Book.[…]

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How to Spend an Hour (Or Less) On Our New Website

Welcome to our brand new website! When interacting with something new and different, it’s nice to know where to start, isn’t it? We think so. That’s why we created this blog post about getting the best use of our new website with any amount of time you’ve got to spend. […]

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Radical Redemption Christian book unlocking the bible

Radical Redemption - Book

Descending into a life of debauchery, Manny Mill found himself teetering on the edge of personal and financial disaster. In this candid and vividly personal book, Manny tells how His[…]