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Your Struggle With W...

The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life

If you’re saying to yourself: “The 2nd commandment is a breeze for me—I don’t own any totem poles.” Remember, idolatry isn’t limited to worshiping statues. Discover the many different disguises[…]

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How God Awakens the Conscience

Joseph was the dearly loved son of his father, Jacob. His brothers hated him for this, so they threw him in a pit, sold him to traders who took him to Egypt, and told their father he was eaten by a fierce animal (Genesis 37). But God blessed Joseph and […]

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10 Struggles Book - 500W

10 Greatest Struggles Book

Every day is full of struggles. We struggle with time, we struggle with truth and authority. We struggle for peace and for purity and contentment...and that's just the beginning. God[…]